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Get a demo Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual sent to your agency today!

We are pleased to announce our demo program that allows your agency to take a test flight of the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual and Smart Controller at your agency! We are always willing to do live demonstrations for our equipment, but constraint on margins isn't always feasible on smaller kits such as the Mavic system when agencies are more than 200 miles away from us. 

So, it's simple. Let us send a kit out to you! Once you receive it we will brief on basic flight tutorial and let you take it from there.  

We will require your agency head signs a waiver and contract stating any damage to the aircraft will be resolved by paying in full for the cost. We will also recommend liability insurance coverage, just in case a mishap occurs while in your possession and under your control. 

We expect the agency to pay for shipping and handling both to and from your agency. If you decide to purchase from us - the same kit - we will credit the cost of shipping toward your purchase. 

Contact Stephen Baxley at or call him at 864.303.2002 to schedule a demo unit.