We are not just a case with a cheap TV screen inside, anymore...but that is where we came from. Today, our Airworx Go-Command drone monitor case includes custom monitors selected and designed to meet our specifications - most all of which are demands from public safety professionals. Also our very own proprietary Go-Command Wireless Screen Casting capability. The wrap the package up we customize fitted foam sets for your drone system and need!

The Go-Command case was originally developed by our owner for the drone unit at his LE agency. Four drones were being moved from pilot to pilot every 12-hour shift. Pilots would carry 3-4-5 different boxes or cases, then they complained about fatigue in their eyes staring at the tiny screens for hours on missions. Additionally the problem persist of other personnel on the scene trying to look over the pilots shoulders and interference with their safe operation. Not to mention breaking components constantly because they were not packaged safely.

Born out of necessity, welcome the Go-Command! Now pilots have a sterile cockpit environment solution if other stakeholders are on-scene. Pilots have better success with detecting and identifying targets on a larger display. All your drone kit in one custom fitted case keeps your damage and loss risk to a minimum.

Each of our Go-Command cases include either a HighBright or UltraBright monitor in 15" or 24".

Our best-selling Go-Command case is the OG (our original and first case development). This is a larger case that has our very own custom designed and manufactured 24" direct sunlight viewable UltraBright 1,600 nit monitor inside. This monitor has an integrated fan for cooling, integrated speakers, HDMI input on the front bezel for easy access, front bezel control buttons, a ambient light sensor to help control intensity of the display, and our proprietary Airworx Screen Casting capability. This allows for iOS or Android (including DJI and Autel Smart Controllers) to connect wirelessly and display on your Go-Command screen.

Our TacLite and TacPak cases both include a HighBright 500 nit ultrathin LED monitor. This is twice as bright as a standard TV or desktop monitor - found it most other case monitor solutions on the market.