Matt Nelson

Airworx™ Unmanned Solutions is proud to announce our newest Tennessee Division / Public Safety Solutions Expert, Matt Nelson. Matt began his public safety service as an explorer with a West Tennessee Sheriff’s Department in 2001 at the age of 16. After volunteering for several years, his passions to better serve his community grew and he pursued it. Matt became a jailer at a local municipality department before becoming a full-time sworn Deputy Sheriff in 2010.

In his professional career, Matt’s passions as an individual grew to further his career and serve to serve the public. Matt has served in several different capacities to include; Uniformed Patrol Division, Law Enforcement Training Academy, Narcotics Division, several Federal Task Forces, and currently serves in the Homeland Security Division in a Federal Task Force capacity.

Matt has assisted in the growth of his department’s UAS/drone program as well as assisting any other UAS programs at other departments in his area.

“My goal is to help equip every public safety entity with this amazing tool. UAS have so many capabilities for public safety. If a department has the capability to send a UAS into a house before ever sending a K-9 or Officer, that has the potential to be life-saving. Saving a life will always mean more than the cost of a UAS. ”

Matt obtained his FAA certified Part 107 license and utilizes his skills in his weekly functions. Matt’s continued education and experience in the UAS public safety industry will provide him the opportunity to understand the challenges agencies may face and work to find solutions to meet those needs. Matt is also an innovative person who constantly tries to find ways to design products that can enhance UAS capabilities beyond what is provided from a manufacturer perspective.

Please reach out to Matt for your UAS sales / solution needs in Tennessee and surrounding states: