SuperDroid Robots





Adding an arm to a tactical robot allows you to manipulate objects, like opening doors and even perform Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) procedures.


Patrol an area remotely out of the elements or autonomously to keep your property, people, and products safe and secure. 


Use tactical robots for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), bomb diffusing, and removal of Improvised Explosive Device (IED), pipe bombs, pressure cookers, etc.


Use tactical robots to remotely communicate with suspects during a hostage negotiation with cameras and two-way audio features.

Clear Rooms

Clear rooms and buildings remotely with audio and video surveillance.




20X zoom camera with 360° pan and -10°/+90° tilt and two-way audio allows you to communicate with suspects or team members

6-Axis Arm

The 6-Axis arm's shoulder  rotates 180°, the elbow rotates 270°, and the wrist has continuous rotation and the arm can life 20 pounds fully extended. 

Built Tough

Weather-resistant painted chassis with tracks to tackling nearly any terrain.

Split-screen Camera Display

See multiple cameras with ease with a split-screen display, making it easier to maneuver. 

Parallel Finger Gripper (Hand)

4.5” opening with 65 lbs of squeeze force

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Light Tracked Support Robot with a Multi-Axis Robotic Arm

Manipulate Objects

With the Multi-axis arm, things like doors will no longer stop you from surveying potentially dangerous locations. Pick up or move suspicious objects without putting anyone in harm's way.

Remote Surveillance

The 30X zoom tilt camera in the nose of the LT enables the user to view from a safe distance even in low light. The additional arm-mounted camera provides the perfect angle for operating the robot's grip.

Bomb Disposal

Our UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) is an excellent choice to keep people out of harm's way when it comes to Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), bomb diffusing, and removal of Improvised Explosive Device (IED), pipe bombs, pressure cookers, etc.

Hostage + Hazardous Patrol

Survey hostile/hazardous situations staying out of harm's way.

Clearing Rooms Remotely

Clear rooms and buildings remotely with audio and video surveillance.

Overcome Stairs & Obstacles

The tracked design allows this robot to climb over most obstacles and go up and down most stairs.


Robot Specifications

Operation Time

Up to 8 hours


Up to 110 ft per minute (~1.25mph)


Total width: ~19"

Total Length: ~30"

Height with Arm Installed (Parked): ~18"
(~22" with forearm camera)


~85 lbs

Multi-Axis Arm

6-Axis Removable Arm

  • Shoulder rotation: 180 degrees
  • Elbow rotation: 270 degrees
  • Wrist rotation: Continuous
  • Parallel Finger Gripper: 4.5” opening with 65lb squeeze force
  • Arm Payload: 15+ pounds fully extended
  • Easily removed and installed. Remove the arm to navigate low clearance areas, etc. Add or remove the arm as needed.
  • Optional 5th axis: 315 degree rotating base
  • Optional 6th axis: 160 degree wrist tilt
  • Upgradeable to include clutches and/or feedback/position control. 


Control your tactical robot with an Operator Control Unit (OCU). Our digital radio systems provide encrypted long-range control of your robot.

Standard Enclosed Remote: This remote is contained in a pelican style case. It features built in industrial joysticks. It is easy to hold and has a 12" tablet display.

Repeaters and Secondary Monitoring Stations are available for all our digital control systems.

Operator Control Units (OCU)

Transmission Types


Our base transmission type. Wi-Fi has been around for a long time now and is an easy and cost-effective way of controlling a robot. Our Wi-Fi control system is compatible with all available remote options. This is a versatile, low cost, and low power option that can function on most platforms. The Wi-Fi system works best in areas with minimal obstruction between the OCU and the robot.

Digital Radio System

Digital Radios are our most popular system and offer excellent performance. These radios offer the range and signal integrity of our analog systems. They are able to maintain stable network communication over long ranges. The digital system also allows for the easy setup of a mesh network for your robot. All these features mean that you can extend your operating range even further!

High Bandwidth Smart Radios

The High Bandwidth Smart Radio is our ultimate tactical communication solution. It combines the range of our Digital Radio with the ability to deliver a clear HD video feed. Optimized channels allow for excellent control, audio, and video transmission. Smart firmware even sets priorities for control, ensuring your robots smooth operation.


Data Transfer
Data transfer is Two-Way (Bi-directional). The data travels to the robot, the robot then responds back to the remote. This method confirms data transmission and can provide robot voltages and other details. Audio from the robot to the computer is possible with an optional microphone added. An optional PA speaker allows for audio from the remote to the robot for negotiations.
Digital systems use a secure wireless connection to prevent data feed interception.