Airworx Go-Command™ Mission-Ready | DJI Matrice M350 Responder Kit

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Airworx has created the ultimate first responder Mission-Ready kit including the industry-leading workhorse system, the DJI Matrice M350. 

Our Mission-Ready kit includes;

  • DJI Matrice M350 Aircraft with 2-Yr Basic Shield Protection (3 replacements during the 2 years) 
  • DJI Zenmuse H20T multi-sensor payload; wide vision, zoom camera with optical zoom, night vision, thermal 640x512 camera, and laser rangefinder
  • Dual Gimbal Bracket Upgrade
  • CSM Radar Module
  • GL60 Plus Visible Light Searchlight
  • 8x TB65 Flight Batteries
  • BS65 Charging Station
  • IR10 Infrared Illuminator Spotlight 
  • MP130v2 PA Speaker
  • Talon Payload Drop System
  • 4x WB37 Controller Battery
  • Airworx Go-Command UltraBright 24" Monitor Case for all M350 accessories 

Let us tell you more about this system setup and how you will use this for saving lives and reducing risk!