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Airworx Go-Command™ Mission-Ready kit with Autel Evo II Dual 640T (iRay 640 Thermal) Aircraft System



The Autel Evo II Dual 640T is an iRay brand thermal sensor. Boasting the highest-grade thermal sensor in its class of aerial system, the iRay thermal 640 pixel resolution, this will reduce risk, reduce your mission time on-scene, and enhance your efficiency and success. 

Airworx has coupled this aircraft system with our very own Airworx Go-Command OG case and mission ready kit solution. 

You will receive the following:

- Autel Evo II Dual Aircraft with iRay 640T sensor

- Controller with 3.3 inch integrated screen

- FoxFury Evo Light Saddle with 2x D3060 lights 

- Autel Live Deck HDMI wireless transmitter

- 5x Autel flight batteries

- CDC cased Charger (charges 4 batteries simultaneously in about an hour)

- Propeller guards

- Airworx weatherproof SKB brand Case with 24" LED monitor mounted in the lid, 60,000mah portable power supply to operate the monitor for ~10 hours, two trays of custom foam to fit all the accessories with room to grow. 

We accept POs and ship to public safety agencies daily! Let us support your agency and UAS program!



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