Volarious V-Line Tether System for Mavic 3

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Let your DJ Mavic 3 series aircraft system get that extra flight time with V-Line V3 Tether System, an intelligent station for your tethering solutions with DJI and Autel drones.

The Compact and Intelligent V-Line tethered station features include:

High Endurance 
Stay in the air indefinitely with a power supply via AC adapter.

Smart Cable
The tethered Mavic system continuously senses tension and adjusts, keeping cable tidy and easy to use. Operating a tethered drone system has never been safer.

Instant Swap
Change your batteries and increase your flight time even further without landing the drone. Batteries hot-swap can be done within seconds.

App Control
Remotely monitor the system and change key parameters via Android app.

Fail-safe Design
Embedded sensors feedback real-time data to onboard CPU which adjust various components to prevent overheating. V-Line is your intelligent tether for Mavic 2.

This tethered drone box also includes AC adapter customization.