Airworx has tested and now offers the Blue Vigil RS-1000 Tether System

We have tested and proudly offer the Blue Vigil RS-1000 tether system with our DJI Matrice M210. Our focus with public safety agencies has initiated many request for longer than normal endurance and reduction in landing and battery swaps. So, our solutions is simple, virtually unlimited flight time with the Blue Vigil tether system. 

Today, in Dacusville, SC, while assisting the Pickens County EMD with a training exercise, we put the RS-1000 to the test for the first time...and we were impressed. Until we get the bracket that will assist in placement of the tether cooling system closer to the center of gravity (CoG) of the aircraft, there was a little unstable ascension. This was due to the tether being tied off to the landing gear to reduce any risk of damage to the tether connection.

If you're a public safety agency; law enforcement, fire, EMD, etc., a tether system for command and tactical overwatch is a must. Imagine deploying 150-250 feet in the air, keeping the aircraft in the air with eyes on the scene, for hours without ever landing or needing to swap batteries. We can help you achieve this.

We are now offering this product, including training. If you would like a demonstration, let us know!