Airworx Demo in Eastern Mississippi & Coastal Georgia

It’s January and time to kick in with public safety demonstrations again! The Airworx team will be in the eastern Mississippi and coastal Georgia areas and we will be meeting with several agencies the weeks of January 18th and 25th. Are you in the area and want to see the latest in aerial and underwater unmanned systems? Are you simply wanting to schedule a demo at your agency? Shoot us a text, email or call and Get the deets! or 864.898.9444


Why the Autel Evo II Dual is the best public safety drone platform today!

If you're considering a public safety thermal aircraft system right now - make sure the Autel Evo II Dual is at the top of your list. Contact us to help answer your questions!

Checkout our Airworx Go-Command kit with Autel Evo II Dual here



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