Drone First Responder (DFR)

Airworx, in partnership with Paladin, is developing and demonstrating DFR programs nationwide. Two of our Airworx team members actively work on DFR programs with their respective agencies today, alongside Paladin. We are experts. Let us integrate this incredible new technology with your agency!


Receive Call, Initiate Drone, Watch, Call Back


Once the 911 call is received, the dispatcher immediately begins asking questions to assess the scene and gather useful as much useful information for first responders as possible. Simultaneously, they are relaying information to the first responders. Having a live stream allows for trained first responders to look for helpful information whether it be the location of something, level of danger, crowds, etc.



Right when the call is answered, the callers location is sent to Watchtower. Then, just click “start.” With one mouse click, Knighthawk automatically takes off and flies to the location. The drone will arrive in less than 90 seconds.



Knighthawk reaches the scene before first responders enabling them to view the live stream of the scene on any internet-connected device. Watchtower provides situational information to help first responders plan ahead and assist people more efficiently. Zoom in, move the camera, circle around to find better angles, use thermal, and control the drones behavior all in one place with a few clicks. There is no need for a remote controller or an onsite, trained pilot.



Once the situation has been cleared, simply click RTH and the drone automatically flies back to its home base. Once the drone lands, the flight data is automatically uploaded to Watchtower. A few simple clicks get first responders eyes on within 90 seconds.