Ryan Reid, B.A.

As Director of Business Development at Airworx™, Ryan Reid is both committed to his full-time professional career as a first responder, as well as his commitment to sharing his passions for technical advances in the emergency services industry. He joined Airworx™ in 2020 after becoming a Part 107 Pilot. With over 23 years as a first responder, Ryan has dedicated his life to public safety.  Ryan Reid’s main areas of expertise are law enforcement, fire science, and emergency management. 

 Ryan started his emergency services career as a volunteer firefighter while in high school. Ryan’s passions for public safety grew over the years and delivered him into a career in law enforcement. As Ryan expanded his knowledge of fire and law enforcement services he began pursuing his education degree in emergency management. 

 Ryan served as incident commander on several federally declared incidents, and was awarded a South Carolina State Achievement Ribbon for his outstanding performances during the disasters of Hurricane Matthew. Aside from his duties in the public safety industry, Ryan has obtained state and federal certifications in the areas of Haz-mat, WMD, CBRNE, RAD/Nuclear response and mitigation. 

“Using this technology in the private and public sector to enhance situational awareness, document and record critical indents in real time, and obtain critical data is paramount. Drone technology is the tool, for the toolbox! When we can utilize this technology to keep our responder safe, it is a win for everyone”

Ryan obtained his FAA certified Part 107 license and utilizes this technology in his daily functions. His education and experience in the public safety industry will afford him the opportunity to understand the daily challenges the industry faces and work to find solutions to meet those needs. Ryan is also working with private industries such as utility companies, public work departments, hospitals, engineering firms, and the construction industry to expand their knowledge of the advanced capabilities of drone technology.

Ryan was born and raised in Upstate, South Carolina. He is a graduate of Anderson University where he obtained his BA in Emergency Services Management and Homeland Security. Ryan resides in the Upstate of South Carolina with his wife and children.  Airworx™ is excited to have Ryan as part of our team and we look forward to the opportunity to find your solution.