Airworx CZI GL60 Plus Searchlight / Spotlight for DJI Matrice M300

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Key Features:

– LED linear dimming
High power LED light source, Maximum power 120W, 100 meters of ground illumination 24lux, Linear shading, The license plate was not exposed.
– Non reflective bowl design
No secondary light spot, Reduce the loss of effective brightness, With strong light explosion and flash mode, It can silently drive away and indicate the direction.
– Imaging optical technology
Imaging optics, 4 sets of optical lens sets, 1 set of 4 lenses, 15 degree luminous angle,
– Ultra lightweight design
Fully sealed fuselage, IP55 waterproof and dustproof, New die casting heat dissipation process, 0.7 kg ultra light weight, Flexible use and longer endurance.