Autel Robotics EVO II - FoxFury D100 Exolander Payload Delivery System

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We're excited to announce the launch of the D100 Drone Search/Spotlight System for the Autel EVO II aircraft. As part of our expanded partnership with TacSwan and Autel, these new features enable the Evo II the ability to have a searchlight, payload delivery system, and leg extensions.

The D100 Spotlight uses an OSRAM LED light source which provides up to a 2,300 lumen output and a battery life of up to 70 minutes. A 60 foot wide light illumination area can be achieved at 200 feet AGL.

EXOLANDER which is the mounting framework that connects to the EVO II aircraft is where the D100 Spotlight is mounted and secured. This mounting apparatus provides the proper center of gravity integrity when mounting the D100 or other payloads to the EXOLANDER and EVO II aircraft.


The D100 searchlight/spotlight features

  • Made In the USA
  • OSRAM LED Lighting
  • 2300 Lumens
  • Battery Life of 70 min.
  • 5700, 70 CRI
  • 60' Wide Light at 200'
  • 15-degree Focused Beam
  • Water Resistant
  • Impact Resistant
  • Meets NFPA 1971 - 8.6 (2013)

The D100 is secured to the EVO II by the EXOLANDER© apparatus allowing proper center of gravity integrity. The EXOLANDER© has ten hardpoints for various accessories and can be attached or removed from the EVO II without tools.

"Our engineering team has developed a solution that is rapidly deployable, ultra-rugged, and affordable. Designed for public safety, we've partnered with Autel to support their programs. We’ve enjoyed great success with the D3060 lighting on the EVO Series aircraft and anticipate similar successes with this new accessory lineup.” Mario Cugini, VP of FoxFury Lighting Solutions.

The EXOLANDER© has a payload delivery system as an option that can quickly transport items in an emergency.