Avata Tactical Light Kit (Mounts + Lights)

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The Airworx Avata Tactical Light Kit is a 3-bracket system designed for tactical public safety indoor / outdoor operations. 

The bottom two bracket mounts use (included) 3 extended hex head screws (each bracket) into existing OEM screws (remove OEM). The Firehouse Arc V lightheads will pop right into our brackets easily and they are secure and quickly removable for recharge. Adding two lights downward is more effective for proper ground / floor lighting for the flow sensors, as well as dispersing more light in the lower half of average rooms during tactical indoor ops. 

The top bracket is designed to quick attach / pop onto the roll frame of the Avata, then the Arc V pops in and out as needed. The concept of this light design is to allow for proper center of gravity and offering the lightest option to maintain as much endurance as possible. The lighthead being extended slightly taller prevents the light dispersion from crossing the lens of the camera if directed upward during indoor tactical searching. 

Questions raised are "is turtle mode still capable". The Avata is designed to be turtle capable normally only if perfectly flipped on its top and having more than 40% battery. Sometimes even at upside down angles with this light bracket in place, turtle mode flip works, sometimes it doesn't. More often in our experience with crashing where the drone lands on the top, our bracket detaches, and the same time it flips the drone back over during the bounce. The dual bottom lighting, if the top light detaches, still offers a ton of light to continue a highly capable mission. 

Screws, hex key and bumpers are also included with these kits.