Airworx Go-Command TacLite | Tactical DJI Avata System

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Are you ready to deploy a system in a tactical op, that anyone can fly, with very little training? The Airworx Tactical DJI Avata is the perfect system for just such missions with it's custom triple light set and our Go-Command TacLite case with enough flight batteries to keep you Mission-Ready. 

This kit includes;

1x DJI Avata Aircraft

1x Goggles 2 

1x Motion or FPV controller (you choose)

4x Flight Batteries

2x Goggles battery 

3x LED Lighthead and brackets 

1x 65w Charging Block and cables

1x Battery Hub

1x Airworx Go-Command TacLite case with 15" HighBright monitor and 50,000mah power supply with custom foam set for fast tactical deployment.