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Yuneec DY5 Dual Charger (AWAITING RELEASE)

Yuneec DY5 Dual Charger (AWAITING RELEASE)

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With the new DY5 dual charger you can quickly and easily charge two YUNEEC H520 or Typhoon H Plus batteries at the same time. Operating the system is simple - Insert the batteries into the prefabricated battery compartments and the DY5 dual charger will start to charge your batteries automatically. The DY5 is equipped with two separate color screens which display charge time, cell voltage and real-time battery capacity. You can also charge additional devices such as the ST16S remote control via the integrated USB output. 

The convenient „storage“ function prepares your battery cells for optimal storage conditions. Especially helpful if you don’t want to use your battery for some time.


Key Features

  • Dual Charger - fast charge circuit for rapid charging of H520 or Typhoon H Plus batteries
  • Dual TFT color screen for displaying charge time, cell voltage, real-time battery capacity and capacity percentage
  • Function to create an optimal storage capacity
  • AC current input 100-240V for global compatibility
  • Protection against short circuit, overcurrent and over temperature failure
  • USB output