October 2022 | Chester County Sheriff’s Office Drone Team (SC)

October 2022 | Chester County Sheriff’s Office Drone Team (SC)


We are excited to announce our first (although later than expected) Agency Success Story recipient for October, 2022.

Congratulations to the Chester County Sheriff's Office (SC) Drone Team for #SavingLivesWithDrones. We shared this when it was dropped back in September, an amazing story of drone operator / pilot Junior
Donaldson locating the victim, Ms. Pate, nearly 50-hours after she initially went missing. Yes, Incredibly, 50-hours. There were dozens and dozens of ground units searching for over two days when Junior's DJI Enterprise #M300 hit a visible target in the slight opening in the tree canopy over a creek during a mission. He said he couldn't believe it, he saw her legs up across a rock. Moments later he directed grounds units in to the creek and first responders helped save Ms. Pate's life.

More stats on this particular mission;
- victim missing 12pm on Tuesday
- drone located victim 2pm on Thursday
- 22 total drone deployments
- 6.51 hours of flight time
- 49.1 miles flown

Again, an incredible success story. The persistence to continue flying for several days on a mission, absolutely resulting in Ms. Pate being alive today, proves drones and effective operators do save lives.

Solid work! 🤜🏻🤛🏻 #AIRWORX is honored to support and serve your agency!

<Operator James Donaldson and Ms. Pate>

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