tactical robots


Mission-Ready Systems


Our goal is to present your agency with a one-time purchase solution of everything needed in a kit to maintain persistent mission operations. We know it is difficult to get budget funding once, let alone trying to ask for more money in a few weeks or months. With our Mission-Ready solutions - you will be good to go until next budget cycle.

Drone First Responder (DFR) Solutions

In partnership with Paladin Drones, Airworx offers integration solutions and training for the future of public safety response - Drone First Responder (DFR). The DFR concept is the launch of a drone to all calls for service within a jurisduction to stream back live intelligence to responding ground units and communications. Let Airworx help your agency get started!

Experience Matters

Airworx is owned and operated by Stephen Baxley, an active LEO for over 21 years. Our full Airworx team consist of active or previously active LEO or fire service personnel who use robotics daily managing their own agency drone, DFR and robotics programs. Real-world experience matters. Trust the team at Airworx to help you get it done!