New changes to Part 107!

New changes to Part 107!

Finally! It appears everything is set to change starting April 6, 2021 with the Part 107 initial testing and recurrent training. As we know, this is a delay from early March when it was scheduled to release originally. 


What do you need to know?


  • Initial Part 107 test (new operators): April 6th the FAA testing centers, like PSI or technical colleges like we have locally, will have the new version of the Part 107 test that includes new questions regarding night operations and operation over people. Same or similar cost as before for the initial testing. 

  • Recurrent Training (existing operators): April 6th the FAA will rollout, via, the new recurrent training course online which which includes night ops, ops over people, and RID. This will be FREE!


  • When can you use the new rules like night ops and ops over people? April 21st is the date - not before. 


  • Night Operations: If you or your agency hold a current 107.29 daylight waiver, these will be "sunsetting" or expiring this summer. All of them. Regardless of the actual date it says it will expire on the document. An operator must be current with the night ops attached to your own Part 107 to operate. Take the recurrent training BEFORE the sunset of your 107.29 is our recommendation!

If you need more guidance or have questions, let us know!