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Selecting who to help you establish your Public Safety UAV program

We are often asked, and rightfully so, "why should we choose you" to help establish our public safety UAV / drone program versus any other company that sells drones? Well, it's experience in the industry and segment. Yes, there are many places to buy equipment; online, hobby shops, consumer drone sales shops, etc. and they may have access to the same equipment we do - but they don't have the experience in public safety, specifically law enforcement and medical, that we do.

We are experienced in discussing rule and regulation, specific to FAA Part 107 (14 CFR), as well as CoA and PAO. Unlike most folks just trying to sell you equipment, we actually look at UAV equipment as tools and all flights as missions, not toys and having fun. Sure, we enjoy the tools and technology and opportunity to operate and offer incredible vision solutions to reduce risk and increase efficiency, but we enjoy the opportunity to give public safety the knowledge and offer the tools to do the same even more. 

Also, we are certified part 107 pilots ourselves. Always make sure who you're talking to (listening to) is the real deal. Check the FAA Airmen Registry. Take advise from someone with experience. 

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