Chris Wegner || Minnesota UAV Solutions Expert

Airworx™ Unmanned Solutions is proud to announce our newest Minnesota Division / Public Safety Solutions Expert, Chris Wegner. Chris grew up in a Law Enforcement family, his father was a Police Officer, his wife, step mother, uncles, and cousins. His step-father was a Judge, and mother works for the Law Enforcement Union, basically he bleeds blue. Chris began his public safety service as an explorer with the Minnesota State Patrol in 2001 at the age of 15 years old.

After volunteering for several years, his passions to better serve his community grew and he pursued them. Chris began as a Community Service Officer, while getting his 4 year degree in Law Enforcement and once he got his degree, he was given the opportunity to be a fully licensed Police Officer in 2010, at the age of 22 years old.

In his professional career, Chris’ passions as an individual grew to further his career. Chris has served in several different capacities to include; Uniformed Patrol Division, Police Leadership Team, Crime Scene Technician, and Police Honor Guard.

Chris originally proposed his department’s UAS/drone program a few years ago, and continues to help grow the program, as well as assisting any other UAS programs at other departments in his area.

“My goal at the end of the day is to educate, and help equip every agency with tools that are essential to us going home at the end of the day. Equipment and tools are replaceable, they are expendable, but we are not. I believe in our products, that is why I joined this team. It is not about sales, it is about providing our clients safe solutions.”

Chris obtained his FAA certified Part 107 license and utilizes his skills in his weekly functions. Chris is well versed in both the First Responder applications of UAS’s, but also the Commercial side of it. Outside of Law Enforcement Chris does commercial photography and videography. He is a dreamer that is filled with creative ideas and solutions, if there is a problem he enjoys coming up with ways to solve it.

Please reach out to Chris for your UAS sales / solution needs in Minnesota and surrounding states: