Intuitive Robotics

Supporting the Latest Commercial Drone Industry

Intuitive Robotics applications supports the best commercial hardware on the market today for customers in public safety, agriculture, construction, oil & gas, solar, mining, and more. Enhance your Drone First Responder program by adding LTE and mission-planning software to your list of assets. 


How Things Work!

Drone Management System

Imagine sitting at your desk and with just a few clicks you can add users to your system, adjust their access level by assigning roles, organize your customers, build a group/ team and easily manage them.

No need to worry about weather conditions or transporting your accessories any more. You can instantly access, download, and process all the videos or images taken during flight online while drinking coffee.

Intuitive Robotics solution is designed to allow businesses to scale up their operations in a cost efficient manner.

Data Sovereignty

  • You can choose where to save the data.​
  • Latency sensitive (video, telemetry, AI, and report) services are available from the closest location to the operator.​
  • The ability to operate globally.​

Drone Use Cases and Industries

Police and Safety

  • Site inspection
  • Fire detection
  • Vehicle and criminal detection
  • Search and rescue

Electricity Distribution

  • Cable, power, tower and site inspection
  • Electrical defect detection
  • Hazard identification

Forestry and Conservation

  • Wildlife detection
  • Forest monitoring
  • Animal safety

Industrial Facilities (Oil & Gas)

  • Plant inspection
  • Asset management
  • Pipeline inspection
  • Hazard identification
  • Oil and gas operations

Construction and Mining

  • Mining surveys
  • Inventory
  • Hazard identification
  • Building monitoring