Airworx Go-Command™ with M2 Underwater ROV System




The Airworx Go-Command™ M2 Underwater ROV System will bring robotic unmanned solutions to your agency. This system solve the need for a human diver for photography, rescue and recovery solutions for humans and forensics. 

Deploy this system in minutes from a shoreline, dock, or water vessel bow. 100% sustained monitor with up to 10 hours of energy from the included power supply. 

The ROV is capable of 330ft depths and over 600 feet from the controller. 

2,000 lumen two-stage intensity LED headlights, and the incredible robotic claw for forensic retrieval or other Underwater tactics. 

This Go-Command™ Underwater ROV System includes:

  • M2 Underwater Omni-directional ROV
  • Robotic Claw
  • Base Controller
  • 650ft tether (self-winder)
  • Removable ROV Battery
  • Pelican Air 1637 case
  • 24" LED monitor 
  • 60,000mah portable power system

This is a turnkey system from Airworx. Easy to use. Easy to deploy. Excellent for all public safety.