Avata 2 Tactical Go-Command Kit

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The all new Avata 2 Tactical Go-Command is available. 

This mission-ready kit includes;

1x DJI Avata 2 Aircraft with 2-yr Care / Warranty with 3 Crash Replacements for small deductibles

1x Goggles 3

1x Motion 3 Controller

6x Flight Batteries

2x Charging Hubs

2x sets of Airworx tactical light brackets 

1x set of LED lights (2x D10 and 2x FH Arc V)

1x 200w Charge Block with cables to charge all components 

All this is packaged inside our TacLite Go-Command case with 15" monitor and wireless casting from a connected device running DJI Fly, all powered by a 27,000mah power supply.