BluVec BluCase Portable UAS Tracking System (CUAS)

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Blucase P5000 is the ultimate mobile and self-contained drone-detecting solution. It is a small portable-case containing advanced technologies that permit real-time tracking of drones and their pilots.

Detect/Alert/Geolocate/Track- both Drone and the Pilot

Blucase P5000 is a comprehensive drone detection solution that rapidly detects, identifies, and alerts on UAV communication links, while collecting real-time data on flight status, routes, and distance. The monitoring data stream enables users to respond quickly and effectively

The touch screen displays detailed telemetry data, including the drone model, serial number, speed, geolocation, altitude, and drone movements, as well as the pilot's position. The mobile Blucase unit is suitable for event monitoring, public safety events, VIP security, and various other fields. Due to its compact size, mobility, and easy-operating settings, minimal training is required for adapting the solution.

Blucase provides centralized monitoring, command, and investigative capabilities, while combining data from previous flights (history reports). It is scalable and can be integrated with other Bluvec products based on clients' individual needs, facilitating the integration of various systems.
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