Airworx Avata Tactical Light Mount Kit Version 2 (Mounts Only / No Lights)

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THIS OPTION DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY LIGHTS - only compatible with Firehouse Arc V lights and FoxFury D10 lights. 


The Airworx Avata Tactical Light Kit is a 2-bracket system designed for tactical public safety indoor / outdoor operations. 

The bottom two bracket mounts using connection to the top bracket via one small included screw. The Firehouse Arc V lightheads will pop right into our bottom brackets easily and they are secure and quickly removable for recharge. Adding two lights downward is more effective for proper ground / floor lighting for the flow sensors, as well as dispersing more light in the lower half of average rooms during tactical indoor ops. 

The top brackets are designed to allow quick attach of the button mount on the FoxFury D10 spot beam LED lighthead. The concept of this light design is to allow for proper center of gravity and offering the lightest option to maintain as much endurance as possible. 

Turtle mode is not sacrificed because the top of the drone is clear and flat.